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ecological restoration

restoring retired pasture to forest on the Raglan coast.


Every year, our team sources and plants a huge variety of native plants in gullies, riparian zones and forest restorations in the Waikato.

kiekie fruiting - a sign that possums are under control

predator control

Predator control is an important part of any restoration. Rats, stoats, weasels, ferrets and possums take a heavy toll on the native ecology if not appropriately controlled. We offer a tailored, effective predator control programme for any site, rural or urban. 

restoration advice

We can visit your site and advise how to most effectively bring back the native plants and birdsong. A typical site visit includes advice on; weed control, what to plant, creating good access, predator control, making the most of your site and where to start. We are happy to provide quotes for the work, or to guide you through the restoration, giving assistance as needed.

From weedy slope to forest canopy.

weed control

We are experienced in managing the natural succession of weedy, neglected areas into a thriving native ecology, which suports native birds, insects, fish and bats.