beans, greens and corn in an easy care veg plot

Garden advice

'Many MANY thanks for the report – there is a lot in there which is going to be wonderfully useful!-client

We can show you how to get more out of your garden, solve problems or make the change to organic gardening

worms turn garden and kitchen waste into nutrient rich castings

Garden Design - sustainable and beautiful

' I picked some salad and herbs for my lunch and a bunch of calendula for the kitchen table. ... A perfect start to a busy day at work.' -client

a vibrant edible garden

growing food organically

'We have most of the fruit and nut trees in now and are working our way down the garden’-client

a simple timber boardwalk along the gully floor

Gully restoration - tracks, steps, planting and weed control

'We’ve finally put in the  gully path and steps  and we are ready to plant!' -client

harvesting the strawberies together

permaculture - garden design which works with nature

'First thing this morning, as every morning, I took a walk through my vege garden to watch the progress..'

Tim removing a mature pine

pruning and felling

35 years experience in all aspects of tree care. Fully insured Tree removal Hedge trimming Tree pruning - both ornamental and fruit trees.