NEWS! Growing Great Seedlings now available in paperback. 

We put together some of our organic gardening know-how in a series of eBooks. These gardening books are packed with step by step instructions and up to the minute advice for growing your own organic fruit and vegetables, wherever you are. 

Growing Great Seedlings - a guide for home gardeners Reveals the secrets behind growing professional quality seedlings at home. We often hear about the importance of saving seeds. Teaches the practical skills you need to make sure your seeds grow into healthy plants, so the seedlines will keep going through the generations.
How to Plant a Fruit Tree – a guide for organic gardeners Has everything you need to know, to get your home orchard off to a great start. Follow our advice, and you’ll be enjoying a bounty of homegrown fruit in a remarkably short time.

Beyond Watering: waterwise organic gardening Is packed full of innovative tips to save you valuable time and water in your garden. You’ll find out how you can grow healthy, delicious vegetables, using far less water than you would believe is possible.

All  available from Amazon and Audible